Saturday, May 29, 2004

The joys of hardware not working

Yesterday evening I went to burn a CD, and Nero was offering only the ImageDrive as a candidate to burn to. I checked, and lo and behold, the DVD burner is suspiciously absent from the computer. Looking at Device Manager, the DVD drive is still in the list, but it is marked as not working because 'The driver was loaded correctly, but could not locate the hardware device". Say what?

Thus started the flailing around that is troubleshooting a non-working hardware device. The BIOS could still recognize the drive, and I could insert CDs just fine so the power was just fine. I tried removing the drive and re-adding it, uninstalling Pinnacle Instant DVD (which was the last semi-related piece of software I had installed), and any number of other unsuccessful activities.

The amusement came when I had exhausted pretty much everything I could think of, and I gave in and clicked the help associated in the Device. That brought up the helpful advice of "Make sure the device is plugged in". After that quality advice, I was offered....nothing. That was the extent of the help. Fabulous.

Finally I uninstalled Nero, and surprise the drive shows back up like nothing had happened. Re-installing Nero didn't hose over the drive, so I guess everything is all fixed. Must have been some sort of conflict with Pinnacle and Nero, although I had used Nero after I had installed Pinnacle. Oh well.

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