Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Linzy and I went over to Andy and Laura's house last night because they were having some problems with their computer. From the initial stories I was hearing, it sounded exactly like the typical spyware problem. Random home page they can't get rid of, porn site pop-ups all the time, etc.

I had prepped them by having them download and run Spybot ahread of time. This cleaned up around 80 things (those numbers always sound incrediable, when you consider each cookie a separate thing). But they were still having problems.

After a bit of looking around at things, I found several other things in the various startup lists that Spybot hadn't gotten rid of. Which was pretty amazing, because they seemed obviously wrong from manual inspection. Usually Spybot is hard core with GUIDs and crazy class registrations, so I expect it to also find the simple stuff. But alas, it didn't.

Adaware cleaned everything up though, and the new version seems much improved from the older ones I used to use that took forever to scan.

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