Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Timberwolves Tickets

Unless you've been living under a rock, you are probably aware that the Timberwolves are in the Western Conference finals against the Lakers.

The promotions staff at the TWolves has been offering extra playoff tickets for the game that weren't pre-sold-out (Game 5+). For the Denver series, they offered $37 seats for face value. The seats are obviously not the best (in fact they are rumored to be not very good, but there are no real bad seats at the Target Center). Anyways, for the King's games, they offered the same $37 tickets, but bundled them with $8 Minnesota Lynx tickets (the WNBA team).

For the Laker's game 5, they offered tickets only if you bought either:
1) Season tickets for next year (Full season, Half Season, or 10 game)
2) A $234 package of tickets.

What did the $234 package include you might ask? Well, 2x$37 playoff tickets, and 20x$8 Lynx tickets. All for the same Lynx game. What a rip off. I would rather take the $234 and try to buy better seats at just the playoff game. Screw the Lynx.

That was also the consensus during lunch at work. Two of the better jokes told over lunch:

Frosty: I wonder where $8 Lynx tickets are at?
Me: Courtside

Me: Can you imagine trying to scalp 20 $8 Lynx tickets for the same game?
Frosty: I imagine standing outside holding 20 tickets going "Just wait till the crowd shows up"...."Just wait till the crowd shows up"..."I hope the crowd shows up".
Dono: I imagine doing that with a line of 5 other people who bought the same package of tickets.

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