Thursday, May 20, 2004

Translating Vendor Speak

As an Oracle DBA, a good portion of my time is spent helping crutch up poorly written applications doing silly things like running a really bad statement 17,000 times a minute. Sure helps the cache hit rate, but man the CPU usage goes to hell.

Anyways, today we got a mail from the vendor of an application where we have had some particularly bad performance problems of late. It contained this paragraph:

Although XXXX was load tested with larger numbers of users and equivalent data to that currently being experienced in production at XXXX, we have been involved with the performance team on this particular analysis project and have identified areas where the XXXX production database has scaled differently than the performance database.

I translate that into "You put data in what table? We didn't test that...".

Of course, considering we are using their tools/application to populate the database, how can they be all that surprised.

At least the problem is getting fixed, it could be worse, I have other environments where we can't even get the vendor to look at the problem statements.

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