Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Windows Movie Maker 2

Just a follow on my previous post about Windows Movie Maker 2.

I'm still plugging away with WMM2, but I'm starting to think about trying some other program. Movie Maker works great...when it works. My video is around 150 pictures plus some video clips, with a sound track and a few text overlays. Lately it is like I crossed some magic threshold and WMM can't handle the size of the project anymore. I get random-seeming hangs, almost constantly. Granted there are a lot of pictures to track, but Movie Maker is only using about 100M of my 1G of memory when it goes off into infinite loop land. Very frustrating if I've made more then a few minor changes since saving.

It seems to be random. I can be editing something at the very end of the video, or in the middle, or just browsing through the collections. The worst part is I don't know if another editing program will be able to open my project, so I am pretty much stuck battling through with WMM. Also, there is virtually no information on WMM that I can find on the internet. Certainly nothing from anyone else experiencing similar problems.

I wish the WMM2 guys had blogs like the .NET and other Microsoft guys do.

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