Friday, May 14, 2004

Windows Terminal Server Clipboard

Have you ever logged into a Windows 2000/2003 Terminal Server session and not been able to cut & paste to your desktop?

Cutting and pasting to a remote Terminal Server session is referred to as Clipboard Mapping. It can be disabled on the remote server, preventing you from being able to copy&paste. Since Clipboard Mapping seems to be enabled on most servers, lots of people don't know how it is controlled and/or what to do if it isn't working. On servers where it's disabled, heres how to enable it (I assume you need Administrator rights, so make sure to 'run as' if you aren't already running as an admin...and you aren't running as an admin for normal operation, right?)

On the server, Go to Administrative Tools->Terminal Services Configuration. Then right click on RDP-TCP and choose properties. Under the client settings tab, make sure that "Clipboard mapping" does NOT have a check by it (the check indicates 'disabling').

The drive mapping stuff configured in the same section is also pretty cool. If you enable it on a server and on your client, you can access your shares from within the terminal server with \\tsclient\share_name syntax. Quite handy for copying files from your desktop to a remote server. And since it gets through the firewalls at work that don't allow drive mapping, it is probably going across the Terminal Server port.

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