Friday, June 18, 2004

Compiling Perl pt 2.1

BTW the 'Undeclared Identifier targ' thing can be fixed by adding this to the declaration of function:

#ifdef dXSTARG
dXSTARG; /* Faster if we have it. */

But I couldn't find that in the XS documentation anywhere. In fact, the post I found through google had this quote in it (which I though was indicative of the impression I get of the whole XS thing):

>>dTARGET nor dXSTARG seem to be documented anywhere,
>dTARGET is an internals thing.
>dXSTARG didn't exist until "recently".

No explanation of why, how or what. Just a comment that it is an internal's thing and/or brand-new. That helps me understand...or not.

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