Monday, June 28, 2004

Excuses, Excuses

I just filed my timecard at work for last week, and it clocked in at 68.5 hours. Which is pretty steep considering it was only filled in for hours Monday (6/21) - Saturday (6/26). I am pretty sure I worked on the 20th as well, but I couldn't remember exactly how many hours or what I worked on. That's the trouble with working 7am - 9pm (minus dinner and 2 commutes) most every night, everything starts to run together. I also looked back, and the two previous weeks were 54 hours, and 52.5 hours (again with some hours not reported that I couldn't quite recall).

Nothing like a startup death march, but enough to interfere with me doing just about anything other then sleeping and camping out in front of a movie or the TV.

Not that it justifies the post rate slowing to a trickle, but I do have an excuse.

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