Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The joys of buying furniture

Since we bought our house almost 3 years ago, it has been on-going saga to fully furnish the house.

Linzy moved in with little-to-no furniture, and I had only ever had to furnish apartments. Thus we had only one couch, one end table, one recliner, etc. That left one room pretty completely furnished, and others completely bare. After the initial purchase of the house, and the related expenses, a wedding, some debt repaying, etc, furniture purchasing was always towards the bottom of the list.

Thus we went nearly 2 years with almost nothing in our living room, right off the entryway. One time a neighborhood kid came over selling something, and while Linzy was filling out the paperwork, he looked around and said 'Did you just move in?'. Having to answer 'No, we've been here a couple years' sort of jumpstarted the completion of furniture purchasing. Even though by this point we had a bit of additional money earmarked for furniture purchasing, we spent months and months searching for just the right furniture. Since we had survived with mostly hand-me-downs and/or 'cost-effective' furniture choices up to this point, there was a determination to Do It Right.

So, fast forward a year, and we are nearly done. One of the last items on the list was a pair of end tables for the living room, to match the coffee table. On Monday we went to the furniture store to order them. They had some in stock, and the lady asked when we wanted to pick them up. Being Memorial Day, I assumed they weren't open, and suggested Tuesday. The conversation went like this:

Me: How about Tuesday?
Her: They aren't open then.
Me: Huh? It says Tuesday 11-7pm on the sheet?
Her: Yeah, well because of the holiday.
Me: Isn't the holiday today?
Her: Hmm, yeah....uh...hmm...let me ask.
Her: (to another sales lady) Is the pick-up place open tomorrow?
Lady2: Yep
Her: Oh.

So we got our appointment on Tuesday to pick up the two tables. Linzy insists the lady got a nervous twitch when I said 'Isn't the holiday today?'. I didn't see it.

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