Saturday, June 26, 2004


I finally finished XIII today. My overall thoughts on the game are similar to my initial impressions. However the checkpoint save system got ridiculous towards the end of the game. There would be some long involved stealth mission with only one checkpoint at virtually the end of the level. So if you screwed up once on stalking the first 30 guards in the level you had to start over. Then the last 3 guards would be after the checkpoint. That was just pointlessly frustrating, so I gave up and left the game sit for a while a number of times.

Overall, I still think the graphic style was cool, as were the inset screens showing characters/deaths/critical areas. The gameplay was a little above average. There was some variety, but the AI was really dumb sometimes. So most of the stealth missions could be won just by rambo-ing through the level killing everyone faster then they could get to the alarm buttons. The sound/music was average, it could have been cool but it got very repetitive by the end of the game. The story was just as dry by the end as at the beginning. Oh, and the conclusion sucked.

I'll give it a 7.

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