Thursday, July 01, 2004

Books: Assassin's Quest

I finished Assassin's Quest, the last book in the Farseer trilogy, last night. It was quite good, in line with the other two books.

Assassin's Quest dragged a bit during the middle section. The beginning was pretty interesting, and it had the typical breathless conclusion in the last ~75 pages of a three book trilogy. Overall I enjoyed it, and am looking forward to reading more Robin Hobb. It might be a bit before I start in on more of her books, since so far I have only acquired the 2nd book in the Live Traders trilogy (the second trilogy written by Robin), and the third book in the Tawny Man trilogy (the next series with FitzChivalry, the main character from the Assassin books) is still in hard cover.

Thus I'm not sure what I will read next. I had been thinking of re-reading the Song of Ice and Fire books, but that would probably be more appropriate as the 4th book becomes closer to reality. George R.R. Martin is apparently in a dead heat with Robert Jordan for slowest author ever. Martin might even have the title, since I looked in Storm of Swords and it came out in 2000. I don't recall any of Jordan's books taking more then (a admittedly mind-bogglingly long) 2.5 years. A Storm of Swords was a damn good book though, so I am willing to wait for A Feast for Crows.

I guess next up will be The Keep of Fire

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