Thursday, July 08, 2004

Convergence: Friday (The wordy edition)

I had a great time at Convergence this year, probably as much fun at Convergence as I have ever had, despite the fact that we did very little convention-wise. For more pictures, see my previous entry.


On Friday Linzy had to work until early afternoon, so we checked in around 4:00 or so, and spent a bit making trips up and down to our room on the 21st! floor. At this point the hotel wasn't very crowded, so it wasn't hard to get an elevator, but later in the weekend it was a royal pain to try to get an elevator (particularly going down since we were on the second to the top floor). Our room was quite nice, and it had one of the new "Sweet Sleeper" beds Sheraton put in when they bought the Radisson South.

After watching a bit of TV and calling around to see where everyone else, it turned out no one was around, nor would be around for a while. So Linzy and I went up to Davanni's for dinner and then zipped all the way downtown to the Quest to pick up tickets for the Oakenfold concert on 7/18. That was actually extremely painless, considering I had no idea how to get there coming in from the west side of the cities. But we found the place right away, got the tickets, and found our way out in hardly anytime at all.

By the time we got back to the hotel at around 6:30-7:00, things were starting to pick up. Calling Gerard he sounded a bit torque'd up already. Everyone else was over in the 'North Tower' where they have bigger suites, because they had gotten their rooms starting on Thursday. So we headed over to Gerard's room, and once we showed up it turned out he was drinking his drinks out of a gargantuan 64-oz Big Gulp cup. And had already finished off a good portion of his Bicardi Vanilla bottle. We hung out for a bit in the room, playing some Defender and Everything or Nothing on the GameCube and had some drinks.

The rest of the night we spent wandering the pool area where they had the cabana room parties, playing air hockey (Gerard won 2 out of 3 for the first night championship), and generally causing trouble. Including Gerard almost hitting Guest of Honor (and famous author) Larry Niven while throwing a little plastic ball back at me after I instigated a war.

I split out the Saturday Convergence write-up because this entry got way too long. Check out part 2...

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