Thursday, July 08, 2004

Convergence: Saturday

This is a continuation of my previous entry Convergence: Friday. Also, more pictures are here.


Saturday morning not a lot was going on (surprise, surprise), we wandered the convention a bit, checking out the silent auction and the dealers room, etc. Eventually we decided to head over to Southdale center for Lunch and to the Edina theater to see Spiderman 2 (quickie review). Apparently people in Edina make New York-money, because even the matinee shows were a full dollar more then the Lakeville theater (and Carmike Apple Valley for that matter). The Edina AMC was a nice enough theater, but certainly nothing special, or worth the increase in prices.

Anyways, after the movie we came back and wandered the convention some more. In the best discovery of any Convention ever, we stumbled on a talk by Crist Ballas a makeup/prosthetic artist from the Twin Cities. He's worked on all kinds of famous movies and TV shows, like Batman & Robin, the 13th warrior, Double Jeopardy, etc (see his resume). His talk was really interesting. He basically showed some of the pictures that are also on the front of his website, and talked about what he had to do for the make-up, funny stories about the actors (like Arnold in Batman & Robin), and other little tidbits of info. One of the pictures on his site (here) is of one of the stunt men for Arnold. Apparently it is really expensive to have Arnold on set, so if there is a non dialogue scene, or a distance shot or something, they actually use a stunt man in makeup/prosthetics to look like Arnold. He also told a story about how Arnold didn't want his Mr. Freeze dummy heads to be made from lifecasts because it makes your skin look like it is sagging. So instead of having a 45 minute life cast, they spent 2 hours measuring every part of his face, and sculpted a head instead. Of which Arnold apparently has two of in his house (one in Mr Freeze makeup, and one painted normally, WTF do you do with two heads of yourself?!) If you couldn't tell, the talk was great and I really enjoyed it.

After that, Linzy took a nap and I watched some TV, and heard a great homerun call while watching Sportscenter. I'm sure its used all the time, but I hadn't heard it and it struck me as funny. As Barry Bonds hit a home run, news dude goes "Bonds has got 99 problems, but that pitch ain't one".

After dinner at Chilli's (right across the road from the hotel), we stopped by Gerard's room for more boozing. Gerard and Tom dressed as Wario and Waluigi this year, to somewhat less success then last year. Apparently Waluigi is not well known judging by the number of "Oh look its Wario...and some other guy" comments. Not surprising I guess, considering his mere 3 game appearances. Also Wario was not all that well recognized, more then once I heard someone say 'Oh look, its Mario...except the color is wrong'. Hehe.

The rest of the night was similar to the previous with a few exceptions: No famous authors were endangered. I won 2 out of 3 air hockey games to take the second night championship. Gerard was not being as smooth as he might have liked with the ladies. Jim showed up, got perhaps a bit drunk, and ended up playing 3 person 'spinner' with Vanessa and Jackie. Where the spinner game involved spinning this...well...spinner, and having to do whatever it stopped on. The choices were a lot of things like 'Give person X a kiss', 'Give person Y a backrub', 'Give person Z a kiss above the waist and grope below the waist', etc. (I won't post the pictures of that :) Finally, there was a disturbing amount of pirates roaming around. Yo-Ho!

Overall, it was quite a good time, mainly because of the chance to hang out with friends. It will be interesting to see the official attendance numbers, because the convention felt much less crowded then in previous years (especially versus the horror that was Convergence at the St. Paul Radisson).

As I say every year immediately following the convention "I'm not sure if we will be attending next year". But, we'll see...

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