Friday, July 30, 2004

Final Fantasy Origins

I have to second Brenden's frustration with the price fixing on Final Fantasy Origins.

I too have been wanting to get the re-release of Final Fantasy I & II since it was originally released. But I refused to pay $30 for a Playstation game that came out years after the PS2 had already pushed the PS One into obscelence. So I dutifully watched all the local stores for it to go on sale. Alas, for over a year, they all insisted on keeping the price exactly at $30, even though they would clearance out all the games around it.

Finally in early June, dropped the price to $14.99, and with shipping I was able to get it for under the magic price of $20 (18.89 as it happened). Target was rumored to have also dropped the price at the same time to $20, but no stores around here seemed to have a copy (although it sounds like Brenden found a copy in Bozeman).

Now the funny thing was, while we were in Target tonight getting wireless network cards, they had a random copy of Final Fantasy Origins sitting on the shelf for ....$30. Insane.

Anyways, my Final Fantasy Collection is basically complete. It includes:
Final Fantasy I (as Final Fantasy Origins)
Final Fantasy II (as Final Fantasy Origins)
Final Fantasy IV (as Final Fantasy Anthology)
Final Fantasy V (as Final Fantasy Chronicles)
Final Fantasy VI (as Final Fantasy Chronicles, and Final Fantasy III for SNes)
Final Fantasy VII (For both PC and Playstation)
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2

So I am missing only FF3 (which has never been released in the US), The original NES version of FF1, the Original SNes version of FF4 (or FF2 if you like the lame American numbering scheme), and Final Fantasy XI.

FFXI is an interesting case, because I would really like to have it, but I refuse to get MMORPGs from the standpoint that they scare me. It would be way too easy for me to get sucked in and never see any friends again. It certainly has happened to other people who start playing a game where the whole point is to keep you hooked, so you keep paying the monthly fee. It is hard enough the way it is now. I'll have to wait and get it on clearance with no intention of ever playing it.

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