Monday, July 12, 2004

Full Schedule

So, sort of along the same vein as my recent Overtime posts, I sure doesn't seem like I have been seeing many of my friends lately.

We have friends who are nice enough to have us over for dinner, or invite us to their parties, but lately we haven't been able to make it to all the things we would like to go to, and also haven't found a good time for inviting people over. When we were at Convergence a bunch of people were asking when we were having another party (the last one was last Labor Day I believe), and Linzy got asked about a party by more people on Saturday night when she was over at a friends house. Then you throw on all the people that have invited us over and we haven't seen since, the social obligations have definitately been getting the short end of the stick.

On the other hand, we've been pretty busy: Linzy started school, I work all the time, and weekends get filled up with chores or other things. This weekend would have been perfect for a party, since Brenden might be in town and we just stained the SOB of a deck, but I have to work on Saturday. Then next week I head to Duluth for the week + weekend to help re-side my father-in-law's house. Follow that up in August with a trip to Chicago, another weekend of work, the Renassance Festival and in September with a cousin-in-law's wedding, a weekend at a cabin, and yet another Saturday for work. It starts to look like we are pretty much booked. Practically till October (when I work again, heh).

I guess any party that we try to have will be either the 31st of July, or the 7th of August. Mark your calendar's: Appearing for one night only, Steve and Linzy! We might as well live in Montana or Philly.

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