Tuesday, July 27, 2004

GNR: Slash interview

When I was in High School, I had this theory that was based on sort of graphing a person's knowledge. The sum total of everything a person knew basically was the area under the line connecting all points representing how much they knew about various things.

So a person who knew just a little bit about a whole ton of subjects might have a graph that looked like a really wide short rectangle. Someone who knew a whole ton about just a small number of subjects would have a graph that looked like a really tall, skinny rectangle.

Anyways, the theory was that, even though over time you might be able to increase the overall area that you 'knew' (effectively getting smarter), most of the time you just shifted area around. This could be due to a variety of factors, say for example that while you studied one area in depth, your knowledge in other areas was becoming more dated. Or say for example, that you would slowly forget details about subjects you hadn't studied/used for a while (I.E. Who could sit down 10 years later and pass even a simple calc test. Probably only people who are using high-level math on a daily basis).

At this point you are probably asking: "Ok, that's probably enough about the crackpot theories, how does this relate to a subject line of 'GNR: Slash interview'?". Well, it's a review titled This Much I Know. Apparently Slash is the 'Tall-Skinny Skyscraper' type, rather then the Renaissance 'Wide-short rectangle' Man.

Still, this little nugget of wisdom made me laugh (Mainly because of all the Spinal Tap jokes Brenden and I were making about the Bass at the Oakenfold concert):

Never watch Spinal Tap before you go on stage either. I had a guitar that had the knobs go to 11, and Axl said, 'Is that what you're going to use tonight?' I said, 'Yeah!' And he had a fit. He went crazy.

Oh and BTW, the interview isn't completely work-safe...

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