Monday, July 12, 2004

Hours of Work

After my last post about the overtime I worked last month, I got asked by a couple people what kind of hours I have been working lately. They aren't nearly as gaudy as 68.5 hours (I originally posted 66.5, but I was off).

6/27-7/1 I worked 46 which doesn't sound like much until you consider that 6/27 is Sunday and I worked 5 hours that day. Leaving 41 for Mon-Thursday of that week, or about 10 hours a day, with Friday a holiday. Then I only worked a couple hours of the 4th of July weekend (I was too busy at Convergence). We had Monday off as a holiday as well, and then I racked up just a bit under 10 hours a day Tuesday-Friday. Seeing a pattern yet?

So the last two timecards went in at 54 and 48.5 with 8 hours of holiday time each week.

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