Thursday, July 15, 2004


Linzy and I were running around town tonight picking up a few uninteresting things like furnace filters, when we stopped in Best Buy.  The intention was to pick up The Bourne Identitiy DVD, as it is only $17.99 and comes with a free ticket to the Bourne Supremacy (which opens next week I think). Now I've never been able to stop in a Best Buy and not go browse through the console games section looking for cheap old RPGs. So what did I find tonight?

.Hack Infection (#1) and .Hack Outbreak (#3) for a mere $4.99 each! How could I pass up the chance to spend $10 and get not one, but two RPGs that I will never play. And PS2 RPGs at that.

I'm pretty happy with my luck, although now I will be forced to search high and low for similarly priced .Hack Mutation (#2) and .Hack Quarentine (#4). And probably will have to start checking Best Buy's console game selection on a more regular basis, because they had a dozen or so 4.99 and 9.99 games in the PS2 section.

We did end up getting the Bourne Identity DVD as well. :)

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