Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Local news

Last year the Star Tribune started running a special section on Wednesday's tied to particular regions of the Twin Cities. So for me that means we get a section of fluff news about the South Metro. The past two weeks they have actually had stories that hit close to home (so to speak).

Last week they had an article on the Crossroads development which is taking over the cornfield that used to be right next to my house: Church without boundaries

This week they had an article on my old Junior High (and High School) Chess instructor Ed Zelkind: Risk leads to rewards for chess instructor

The funny thing about the Zelkind story (which doesn't seem to be on the web yet) is that the picture on the front page is of Zelkind using his crazy old magnetic chess board. And I was thinking to myself as I carried in the paper, "Man, whoever that is uses a magnetic board just like Zelkind used to". Then looking closer I see that it IS Mr. Zelkind. I wonder if some of the pieces still slide off the board....

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