Monday, July 26, 2004


On Sunday night, Brenden, Steph, Linzy and I went to see Paul Oakenfold and Sandra Collins at the Quest.

The concert was great, all the DJs (even the house DJ Kid Icarus) were very good. Each DJ played for 2 hours, with the order going Icarus, Collins, Oakenfold. Personally I thought Oakey did the best job, slightly better then Collins, as he interacted with the crowd a bit more and his music flowed together smoothly. Sandra Collins was no slouch either though.

I only had three complaints:

Apparently I am getting old, because the music was pretty dang loud. You know it is loud when Oakey puts on some high-pitched, but instead of creating some musical tension it actually feels like your head is vibrating and your eyes might explode. I was pretty jealous of the people who were smart enough to bring some ear plugs.

Second it was unbelievably hot in the Quest. It wasn't that bad at first, but by the time Sandra came on, and the place was starting to get packed, it started to get uncomfortably hot. And it only got worse after a few hours of dancing.

Finally, 6 hours of chest-vibrating, head-pounding bass and non-stop dancing is a bit much for me. By the time Oakey came on, I was pretty worn out and foot sore. So I don't think I enjoyed his set quite as much as I could have if Icarus and Collins had played for 1.5 hours instead of 2.

One thing that was kind of funny was the only full-on dance-off that I have ever seen. It was a bit ridiculous, with one crazy-drunk backwards-kangol and powder-blue baseball jersey wearing idiot versus a big sweaty, smelly, break-dancer guy. Captain PowderBlue was being an moron and trying to 'run' the center of the dance floor. Lieutenant Smelly Breakdancer took exception to this, and instead of a reasonable fist-fight, or even a stabbing, they took up their differences over some not so smooth dancing. The Breakdancer wasn't that bad, although he only had about two moves, but PowderBlue had only one move, what Brenden describes as The Epileptic fit.

I also saw quite possibly the ugliest hair cut ever. What I dubbed the Skull-Mullet. After some quick google research tonight, it appears to actually be termed the Skullet. Trust me, it doesn't look any better in person then it does in the picture.

Overall it was a fun night, I just wish I had worn some more comfortable shoes and some ear plugs.

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