Thursday, July 15, 2004


Well, originally I was going to write a post saying how much nicer the new blogger editing interface is.  It finally has some somewhat of a professional look to it, rather then an interface that looks like it was designed by the programmer who wrote it.

Except that it doesn't work for shit in Firefox.  I mean, every time I click Publish Post, or Save as Draft, FireFox crashes.  It appears to actually do the command, but the browser crashes.  And the text wrapping on the published-while-crashing-post is ridiculously stupid, all my lines had hard newlines in them, rather then wrapping nicely.
So now I am reduced to using IE to post, for at least the second time in a week.  Sigh.
Too bad Livejournal has such lame addresses for non-paying customers, and an even worse interface then Blogger.  Otherwise would maybe have taken off.  Of course Livejournal has been having performance problems of their own lately. 

Apparently the annual cost of 'free' doesn't get you as much as it did in say...1999. :)

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