Sunday, July 11, 2004


Not much fun to report from this weekend, since Linzy and I spent most of the time doing my least favorite summer chore, staining the deck.

There are lots of things I have to do during the summer that are more physically strenuous (say putting in 7 tons of rock), but staining the deck just sucks. Most of the problem lies in the fact that staining railings is ridiculously tedious and that my deck is on the second floor of the house. So with a walkout the ground is sloping away from the deck, so the furthest away corner is roughly 15ft off the ground. Staining the outside of the railings involves innumerable trips up and down the ladder, and I don't like heights. The good thing this year was that Linzy was able to help so it was significantly less work then the last time I stained the deck. Still it took a couple hours on Friday night, and basically all day on Saturday. I finished up in the pitch black at around 10:00, just in time to let the stain dry a bit before the storms rolled in at 4am.

On Sunday we did a few miscellaneous chores like laundry and house cleaning before my parents came over for dinner. Steak-kabobs on the grill, and build-your-own sundae bar, Linzy out did herself, mmmm.

Oh, and I spent a while on Sunday talking to Frosty while returning his powerwasher about how we figure that offshoring at least part of our DBA group marches inevitably closer. Talk about depressing, I figured I had years yet before having to worry about that sort of thing, but it isn't looking like it. Not that I would be in the first wave, but how long before they decide even a 'safety net' isn't necessary anymore.

Looking for an extremely good Oracle DBA and/or infrastructure programmer?

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