Friday, July 30, 2004


We were at Target tonight picking up a few last minute things for the party. As we were leaving, I wandered over to the clearance video game section. Because you never know when a good RPG might be clearanced out for $5. On the shelf next to a few uninteresting games were two Microsoft 802.11g wireless PCI cards. They were marked down to (what ended up being, after tax) $20.58. Granted they aren't 'Xtreme G' cards, but 54Mbps is nothing to sneeze at.

Once we got home, I ordered a D-Link DI-624 Wireless Router from

The plan is to put wireless cards in the new computer, and the old computer which will become the MP3/AVI/ROM fileserver. Then the XBox can jack directly into the router downstairs, for easy access to the network without the overpriced XBox wireless adapter.

All in all it should be infinitely better then the current setup using 9-year old 10-base T cable, and 7 year old 100-Base T adapters (which were $200 back in the day). Not to mention the horrible SohoWare router that needs to be rebooted everytime I turn around. But that was the only $100 router with a hardware firewall and VPN pass-through back when I bought it.

The icing on the cake is that I found out today at work that I will be getting a new laptop, which should be Centrino, so that will be able to take advantage of the wireless network as well.

Total cost, less then half what I paid for my original SMC 10-Base T card back in 1995 (which I still have, I might add).

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