Sunday, July 18, 2004

Will Smith Movie Extravaganza

So this weekend unintentionally became a Will Smith movie extravaganza. Last night I watched "Bad Boys II" on some pay-movie channel, and today we went to see "I, Robot".

I, Robot

Now I know what you are saying, I was just as horrified as the next guy the first time I saw an "I, Robot" trailer. I couldn't believe what they had done to Asimov's book (which I have read BTW). But then we saw the trailer a few more times, and it started to grow on me a bit if I could forget about raping and pilaging of a classic story. Then the relatively good reviews started rolling in. What finally sold the deal was when I was reading in one review about how they weren't trying to claim that it was the same story as the book, or even a similar story, just that it was suggested by Issac Asimov's book. After much persuading, I talked Linzy into going to see it today.

It turned out to be pretty good. Linzy said she enjoyed it, and I thought it was pretty decent for a summer action/sci-fi flick. The CG robots were impressive, particularly 'Sonny', the robot accused of murder. The various effects related to making the world look 'futuristic' were also pretty good. Will Smith wasn't near as annoying as some movies. While he was playing effectively the same character that he always plays, he wasn't quite as smart-alec-y. The plot was good enough to hold the movie together, and the 'mystery' of who killed the doctor was complicated enough so that you didn't necessarily know what was going on until closer to the end. Overall I enjoyed it.

Bad Boys II

Bad Boys II also turned out to be better then I expected. Much better then I expected actually, because I was thinking it would be pretty damn bad. I was flipping through the free pay-channels we are getting and noticed that it was just starting. Since I recalled the trailers looking vaguely tolerable, I was forced to take the opportunity to watch it.

It is, of course, an action movie. So there was little plot beyond what was necessary to guide you from one car chase, to a shootout, to a car chase, to a...well...shootout, etc. But some of the scenarios were interesting and fresh. Particularly I enjoyed the car chase down the freeway in a Ferrari (what kind of cop can afford a Ferrari BTW), while the crooks tossed cars off the back of their stolen big-rig, and plummeting down a hill in an H2 through a shanty-town of cocaine-shacks. The freeway chase did get a little long, but the effect of one of the cars bouncing over the Ferrari while Martin Lawrence was hanging out the window was quite neat.

The humor was inconsistent, one second grating and repetitive, the next LOL funny. The laughing-out-loud while watching a movie at 11:00pm by myself is a bit wierd, but I thought Martin Lawrence after taking too extacies was pretty funny, as were a few other moments.

Anyways, the movie was good, though not spectacular. Worth a rental, but I'm certainly glad we didn't go see it in the theaters.

Considering I'm not the hugest Will Smith fan, I was pleasantly suprised by the two movies I saw.

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