Friday, July 16, 2004

Xenogears - Disc 2

After a mind-boggling 45 hours of gameplay, last night I reached the long-awaited "Please insert disc 2" screen in Xenogears.

The game has, by far, one of the most confusing and bizarre storylines I have ever seen in a video game. And I have played some mighty strange RPGs in my day.

I can't imagine that the second disc will take another 45 hours to slog through, at least I hope it doesn't. All my main characters have learned all the possible combo moves, and most have only one more 'spell' they can possibly learn. The story is slowly getting more focused, so hopefully that indicates I should be able to breeze through disc 2 in under 20 hours (just a complete guess).

At my current glacial pace, 45 hours in 4 months, that would still put completion 2 months away. 6 months of gameplay for $20. Insane.

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Anonymous said...

really hate disk 2. it was rushed. they should just have ended the game in disk 1 because disk 2 is very disappointing. It's like bonus gear battles. :/