Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Ancient E-mails part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been amusing myself by reading old e-mails I found imported into Thunderbird from Outlook Express/Eudora/Mulberry/etc.

I stumbled on a set of e-mails sent to all my various friends describing a particularly crazy night. This was long before blogs, back when I had to cut&paste stories into e-mails to separate people. Anyways, the reason this set of stories caught my eye was that I had completely forgotten about this adventure, until I read the e-mails. Reading through them brought it all back, and I spent a few minutes laughing at the memory.

I thought I would re-produce the story here. The original e-mail was in a giant stream-of-consciousness paragraph, but I broke it up to make it a bit more readable. As far as dates, let's leave it at 'while I was in college' (before 2/1999) for the same reason that I've changed the name. To protect the...well...guilty.

Okay, Thursday of last week I got home at like 11:00pm, and at like 11:15 my roomate Fred got home from work. Well he came down and was trying to talk me into going out to the bars, but I didn't really want to go. So then he was just gonna drink by himself. I was like "thats wrong, I'll come have one drink with you".

So we started drinking and pretty quick it got out of hand; especially after another of my roomates came back from a party just completely hammered, and he started drinking with Fred.

About 2:00am or so we decided to go to perkins and get some food. We were sitting there eating and Fred was like "Uhh, I don't feel very good" and went off to the bathroom. He came back like 5 mins later and claimed he didn't puke. So then he was sitting there and 5 mins later he was like "ohhhh, my stomach hurts".

He leaned over on the bench seat and puked under the table. Like 4 times, it was all over. I slid out of my seat cause it was so gross and I didn't want to get any on me.

At that point I was like "come on Fred, we are leaving right now" (cause I suddenly wasn't hungry anymore, and he had already eaten) so we left in a hurry with a pile of puke under our table.

It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. We decided the next day it had to have been food poisoning or something because really we hadn't had that much to drink and he was sick the whole next day.

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