Monday, August 16, 2004

Chicago Trip (Saturday/Sunday)

[This follows yesterday's long-winded description of the first day of our trip to Chicago]

Saturday morning we had plans to meet my parents, sister and her husband, and my Grandma for breakfast. We drove down to Arlington Heights, IL to meet everyone at my Grandma's apartment. Then we caravaned over to The Egg Factory for breakfast. Their food was OK, nothing special, although the service was very good. In the Egg Factory's defense, the previous day everyone other then us had eaten there and said that their skillets were very good, but too big.

After breakfast we hung out and laughed at old stories, and contemplated the disappearance of 5-character boggle (apparently now known as Super Boggle, and nearly impossible to find). This odd topic came up when my Grandma was talking about one of her friends who is something of a Boggle-shark, and only plays Boggle using the 5x5 grid.

By that point, it was time to change and head off to my Aunt & Uncle's house, who live in Cary, IL. Linzy and I had to make an emergency stop at Target for some dress socks for me, and then we started the hour trek out to Cary. The drive wouldn't have been so bad, except that most of the trip was in stop & go traffic on US Route 12. It wasn't stop and go because it was a jammed up highway, it was stop and go because there is a stoplight every block and we hit every single one.

The party at Bob & Jan's house was a lot of fun. There were somewhere in the neighborhood of 38 people there, encompassing four generations (Grandma, on down to some great-grandkids). Some of Grandma's relatives came in from as far away as Texas and California.

Grandma didn't want any gifts, so all of Grandma's children had organized a cooperative scrapbook for her. Each person who was invited was sent a page, to fill with some memory of Grandma, or pictures, or letters, or whatever they wanted. Cooperative scrapbooking is apparently all the rage right now. Anyways, the book turned out fantastic, with a lot of cool pages/pictures/stories.

In addition, my Dad and Mom made a video using scanned in slides that my Grandfather took from 1953-1971 (I think). So there were lots of crazy old pictures of Grandma's children as little kids, and pictures of my Grandfather (who passed away before I was born). The video turned out really well, and everyone liked it a lot.

[I posted it earlier, but here is a picture of Grandma with her cake]

Eventually the party started winding down, and we made the trek back to Jon & Nicole's (which wasn't nearly as bad as the drive from grandma to care, IL).

Sunday was pretty much exclusively a travel day. The trip back home was uneventful, other then it took less then 7 hours (including a sit down lunch in Mauston).

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