Saturday, August 21, 2004

CliffyB also needs to lay off the drugs

If you aren't familiar with who Cliff Bleszinski (aka CliffyB), don't worry, most people aren't.

Cliff is one of the game designers at Epic Games, where he has been involved with Jazz the Jackrabbit, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003/2004, etc. He's relatively flamboyant, as computer game makers go at least. So I generally find his interviews interesting to read.

The most recent one is a bit crazy though. I sure hope it is one of those things that would make more sense if you hear it and see the body language, then if you just strictly read the text. Because reading just the text sure makes him seem like a whacked-out looney. Case-in-point:

GI: Obviously, there’s a lot of games that have a very large mod community. Obviously Quake’s out there, Unreal obviously. What do you think makes the Unreal mod community different from the others?

Bleszinski: Well I think our stuff’s easier to use than most other people’s so the barrier to entry is slightly lower. And I think, you know, Quake fans generally tend to be like “Grrr, Arrrg,” you know? So the Quake fans tend to be kind of like having that kind of old school like, “Oh I’m a badass,” kind of Internet… It’s like the Unreal fans think that they… How do I explain it? I don’t know. Maybe Unreal fans are more like guys. You know, it’s like, “Hey buddy how’s it going?” (gruff, low voice). Whereas women are all so competitive with each other. I’m totally, like, digging my own hole with these comments. Be careful with how you edit this.

GI: Word for word.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that it wouldn't matter how GameInformer edited that quote, it would have made more sense then printing it word-for-word.

I imagine the interview was taken at G4Phoria, a video game awards show on G4-TechTV. There is an amusing video here, of Cliffy hosting the pre-show for the same awards show. Interestingly enough, the video was originally posted on one of the G4-TechTV talent's personal websites, but taken down shortly afterwards. Maybe they got a nasty phone call.

On a boring side-note, I actually have the first Nintendo Power magazine that Cliffy refers to in the interview, as having his name listed in the high score section. I never knew who he was at the time (obviously), but in one of his very first interviews after Unreal came out he mentioned having his name in the first Nintendo Power. So of course I had to check it out the next time I was at my parents house, with access to the magazine.


Brenden Johnson said...

That's the Nintendo Power with Super Mario 2 on the front? What game?

Steve Eck said...

Correct, it's the first edition of "Nintendo Power" magazine and it has Super Mario 2 on the cover.

Cliffy's score is for Super Mario Brothers, like 9,950,999,999 or something similar. It must be the highest score possible, because if I recall correctly there are a number of other people listed all with that exact same score.

I wonder if I still have the last couple editions of the original Nintendo magazine (before they changed the name to Ninetendo Power). I'll have to check.