Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Duluth Police

While I was in Duluth the week before last, on Thursday night I met up with my friend Bill and his wife Ann.

We stopped by The Reef for what was originally going to be just a drink or two since Bill had to work in the morning, and I had yet more house remodeling to help with. Instead we ended up closing the place down.

I had a great time catching up with them, and playing some darts. Darts was frustrating because I played outstandingly well the first 6 rounds and then couldn't hit a bulls-eye for anything the remaining million-and-a-half rounds, which is much, much more worse then just sucking the whole game.

Anyways, when we walked in there was a big group of huge guys standing around near the bar. We didn't think too much of it while ordering our drinks, although Bill did comment that "It looked like that was a meeting of a group of people who could all kick his ass". Later on talking to the waitress we found out that the group was actually all the off-duty cops from Duluth.

So what I learned that day was that the Duluth cops are suprisingly burly.Normally down here in the 'burbs, the cops tend to be of the Sipowicz variety. In Duluth they all looked like linebackers from some football team.

I'm not sure what the crime rate in Duluth is like, but if it is high, it certainly isn't because the cop is not able to run you down and beat you like a little girl, if necessary.

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