Monday, August 23, 2004

Eck Construction & Landscaping (Part 1)

I had the whole week of 8/16-8/20 off from work, so I amused myself working around the house. I managed to finish the last of my 'summer' jobs that I had wanted to get done, and start in on a 'winter' job.

The first thing I did was finish putting rock around the front->right side of the house, connecting the front gardens to the rock I put under the deck last fall. The front gardens previously had a semblance of woodchips in them, that I replaced with rock earlier this summer.

I forgot to take a picture before I got started, but the below picture was pretty early in the process. Before I started, the edger stones took a 90 degree turn straight into the side of the house, right before the fireplace.

Then after I finished, the side looked like this:

Next spring, we will put in some bushes of some sort. For now I was more interested in trying to use up the last of the rock. Sadly, I wasn't totally successful since there is still a bit of rock left (you can see the vague outline of the pile under the deck).

Overall the landscaping went smoother then I expected, although ripping up the old grass was a bit of a pain.

The only problem I encountered was that I couldn't find edgers that completely matched the old stones (which are probably as old as the house, 6 years old). The place (Home Depot) that had the same color stones didn't have ones that matched the dimensions of my stones. The place (Menard's) that had the same dimension stones only sold a 'Tan' stone, not a 'grey'.

I didn't have much choice at that point, so you can see in the first picture that the color of the edger stones doesn't really match. I'll continue the search for grey matching stones, but if I can't find any we'll just have to plant some Hostas close to the edge and cover up the stones.

[ Part 2 of this post (the Construction referred to in the title), continues here ]

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