Monday, August 23, 2004

Eck Construction & Landscaping (Part 2)

[ This is follows a previous post on some construction and landscaping I did last week. ]

After finishing the landscaping on Monday, I moved on to the last job I had flippantly put on my list of things to work on this summer: Better/More Shelves in the garage.

We have pretty much the world's smallest 2-car garage. Most of the neighbors with a garage the size of ours park one car in the driveway. Heck, I have neighbors who have a 3-car garage, a pad on the side of the garage, and a shed, and they still park a car in the driveway. However, we battle through and park both cars in the garage, along with all the assorted crap that gets stored in a garage. The price I pay for this is that I can't figure out how to squeeze a snowblower in.

So the plan (as I envisioned it this spring) was to build such mind-bogglingly amazing shelves that I could free up enough floor space to get a snowblower this winter.

To this end, early last week I began mentally designing some shelves to replace crappy adjustable shelves that were on one partial wall of the garage, and wrap around to provide shelving on the back wall (which had no shelves).

What I really wanted was shelves that wouldn't eat up any floor space, so I eventually decided that the best way to accomplish this was by suspending the shelves from the ceiling, high enough that the cars could pull in underneath them (or stuff could be stored below them, say a snowblower).

Tuesday morning off I went to Menard's to pick up the wood I thought I would need. Normally I would rather buy my wood from Home Depot, because it is usually much nicer. But these fell into the 'who cares' category (being garage shelves and all), so cheap warped plywood it was. I did spring for real plywood, as opposed to OSB or something cheaper but not as sturdy.

Garage in early stages of putting up shelves. There used to be cheap adjustable shelves on the right-hand corner, but they were forever falling down and I didn't trust them to hold anything heavy (the former owner installed them, if you can call it that).

Shelves partially constructed.

Shelves done and loaded with crap.

The shelves are approximately 15' 3" across the back, and the right-hand L portion is 5' 2" from the back wall. The shelves across the back are 19 inches deep, while the right-hand portion is 12 inches deep.

The shelf surface is plywood, and the supports are all 1x2s, excepting the vertical supports which are 2x2s, and the crossbeams on the ceiling which are 2x4s.

Construction went well considering I was building them by myself. It was a bit of struggle to get 8 feet of wood attached and level when I was holding the wood, level, drill, etc. But I persevered, and the shelves turned out really good (if I do say so myself). They are much sturdier then I thought they were going to be while they were being constructed. Even with all that stuff loaded on them, and me pulling on them, they don't sag at all.

It remains to be seen if I can get a snowblower in the garage though.

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Brenden Johnson said...

That's impressive. Especially, like you say, since you did it yourself. Were you always this handy, or has the house brought it out in you. Anyway, I'm very impressed.