Saturday, August 07, 2004


Linzy and I were up at the Mall of America today, to do a bit of shopping. It was pretty crowded, I suppose because its Back to School time. Between all the people, and the construction for the Light Rail extension, it was a mess trying to get in and out.

After we finised at MOA, we had to go over to the brand new Ikea store. Big Mistake. I can only think of one word to describe it. Insanity.

It took 10-15 minutes of driving around just to find a parking spot. Which is crazy, since the store has basically the entire old Met Center parking lot and stadium area for parking. Plus the store is built on stilts so the area underneath is all parking, and there is also a ramp. But nevertheless, there was no parking to be had. Eventually we were able to find a spot at the far end of the lot, which was effectively the whole length of a mega mall away from the store.

Inside, it was no better then you would expect, with people crawling all over the place. We battled our way through the store for a bit, and eventually gave up and headed for the registers to get what we needed. There were 20 registers pumping people through, but about 15-20 people in each line. That is 300-400 people just IN LINE. I estimated there must have been at least 2500 people in the store just at the time we were there.

Complete and total insanity.

I mean, they have nice enough stuff, but it certainly wasn't worth the pain of fighting over a $99 armchair with 2,498 people at the same time.

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