Tuesday, August 10, 2004

It Works!

[I'm writing this entry from the couch downstairs, enjoying the novelty of wireless networking.]

I finally got my new laptop at work, which came equipped with a fancy 802.11a/b/g wireless card. After a bit of playing around with the card settings I was able to get it to play nice with our new wireless home network.

The laptop is certainly not top-of-the-line, it is more like bottom-quartile of all laptops you could purchase these days. Its a Pentium M 1600 with 512M ram, a 40G hard drive and a DVD/cd-burner combo drive. But it is a huge step up from the previous laptop (pentium III 500Mhz w/256M).

One extra cool feature of the current laptop is it's ability to dual-head between its LCD monitor and an external CRT. Now I'm sure this has been commonplace for laptops for years, but my old laptop didn't do it. So at work I was able to gather up a bunch of old Oracle manuals to prop up my laptop to the same height as my CRT, and I suddenly have a dual-screen system.

Let me just say, dual-screen rocks for getting actual work done. It is so much easier to ignore e-mail when it is relegated to a non-primary screen.

It's too bad work doesn't allow us to buy the old laptops, although it was a pile of crap for doing database administration or programming, it would have been perfectly functional for controlling the streaming media server playlist we will someday have to the Xbox downstairs.

Oh well, maybe I can talk Linzy into getting a Pocket PC or something. Ok, so maybe not.

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