Friday, August 20, 2004

Lay off the weed!

First there was Ricky Williams, retiring for various reasons but also admitting that he would have been suspended to start the season, after failing 3 drug tests for marijuana.

Now Onterrio Smith (second string running back for the Vikings), who will be suspended for the first 4 games of this season, for failing a drug test for, you guessed it: marijuana.

Onterrio Smith fell to the fourth round of last year's draft, due to questions about his character. Why would you question his character?

Oh, because he was kicked out of Tenessee for marijuana use. Lord knows how many times you have to be caught before you are full-on kicked out of Tenessee for pot use. I'm guessing its more then once. So then Onterrio transfers to Oregon and...gets picked up for an underage DUI. But we aren't finished yet. Smith also acted as the host for a 17-year old devout Christian Orgeon football recruit. What did he think might be a good idea to do, to show the kid a good time? Why, take him to a party for some drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Onterrio claimed to have cleaned his act up, or at least that was his story last year. Ricky on the other hand, wasn't so worried about cleaning up his act, because he found a masking agent that worked.

You might be saying "Well Steve, it is asking an awful lot to have these young millionaires give up their precious drugs all year long." But, then if you look at the actual NFL drug policy:

NFL players with no drug violations are tested once a year, between April 20 and Aug. 9.
So you don't even have to be drug free the whole year. Just Jan 20th - Aug 9th. Then you can bring your hooka pipe right on the team bus.

For 3 million a year, it seems like you should be able to lay off the weed for 7 months a year.

[ Update: I completely forgot about Nate Newton. I believe he failed some drug tests back in the day, but he is more famous for getting arrested with a van-full of pot. How much pot is a van-full? Why, 213 pounds of course. ]


Brenden Johnson said...

Class acts, all of them. I'm still waiting for one to get caught with his head buried in a pile of cocaine.

Steve Eck said...

Speaking of sticking your head in a pile of cocaine:

Encore has been seemingly running a Scarface marathon lately. Everytime I flip through the channels, I'm forced to stop for a little bit and see the rise and fall of Tony Montana. I have yet to stumble on it in time for the the infamous table-sized pile of cocaine scene.

Its probably one of those things that is funnier as I remember it, then if I actually saw it again.

thelatindiva said...

you also left out Quincy Carter of the Dallas Cowboys and while it pains me to talk about a former UGA player that guy has serious issues.

Steve Eck said...

I thought of Quincy Carter when I was writing up the post, but eventually decided to stick to weed-related drug problems. I also thought about putting something in about Marcus Vick, who sounds like quite the class act. But since he isn't in the NFL yet, I decided to leave him out too.

I was proud of the Cowboys for cutting Carter when he failed the drug test, although you have to wonder if the drug test was just a 'last straw' type thing. Its not like they haven't kept other players who had cocaine problems (Michael Irvin).

Also I read somewhere that the NFLPA is filing a greviance on Carter's behalf. Apparently you can't cut someone strictly for drug-test failures. Which seems weird.