Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Let sleeping dogs lie

As I mentioned earlier, I was off work all last week.

Normally our dog Pippen spends the work day in her crate. She doesn't necessarily like getting in the crate, but at the same time about 10 minutes after the last person leaves the house she is sound asleep for the rest of the day. This is evident on the weekends when by Sunday she spends all day following people around the house waiting for them to settle in somewhere, so she can catch a nap.

Last week Pippen was a bit out of sorts at someone being home with her all day. In the early morning she was content to follow me around until I took her for a walk. As the day progressed, she would slowly but surely decide that her time was best spent napping.

However, this was tough to accomplish with me making all kinds of noise outside, and coming in and out of the house for various tools.

The first few times I would come in, she would leap up, sure that I had come back in side for the sole purpose of playing with her. As the trips in and out continued, she would start to realize that perhaps I wasn't as exciting as she initially thought. By the end of each day Pippen had pretty much given up and would be passed out on the floor somewhere, barely moving when I would come in and disturb her nap:

It's a bit hard to tell from the picture (since I had to take it quick before she fully woke up), just how bleary her eyes looked when I woke her up this time. You can kinda see how rumpled her beard is, from being mushed into her side as she snoozed the afternoon away.

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