Thursday, August 26, 2004

Movies: Starsky & Hutch

On Sunday, Linzy and I watched Starsky & Hutch. I was pleasantly suprised. It's not the best movie ever, but it amused me.

I really enjoyed Owen Wilson playing the sort-of slacker copy Hutchinson. Ben Stiller (as Starsky, obviously) put in a typical performance. At times a bit too over-the-top and annoying, but sometimes right on and really funny. Vince Vaughn was right on as the bumbling drug lord.

It was suprisingly long for a buddy cop/comedy movie (about 2 hours). It only dragged at the very end, when there was a lot of plot to be had and not as many laughs as the beginning of the movie.

One thing that I didn't realize going into the movie was how big a part Snoop Dogg had. I assumed it was just a cameo appearance, but he actually had a part in the plot and some decently funny lines.

One related thing that I learned is that Snoop Dogg's steady diet of weed and pimping is not putting any meat on his bones. He looks ridiculously skinny.

The only issue I had with the movie had nothing to do with the content, only the presentation. We watched the movie on pay-per-view, because we had a free voucher (due to some cable problems). Pay-per-view on Charter sucks. A lot.

First off, its not video-on-demand, so you can't just start watching whenever you want, you have to find a movie that begins near the time you want and then sit around waiting for it to start. The other side effect is that you can't pause the movie, so god help you if you have to say take the dog outside, or you get a phone call.

Also, you can't get the movies in widescreen, so we had to watch Pan & Scan. Which isn't the end of the world in a comedy movie, but I would much prefer letterbox format.

Finally, we couldn't just order through the cable box for some reason, I had to call up and wait through a phone queue in order to be able to get the movie. Which made us miss the start of the movie at the time we wanted to watch. So we had to sit around another 30 minutes for the next one to start. Good thing we didn't want to see a movie that only starts every hour.

I mean, it is 2004. Why can I not just say "I want to see Starsky & Hutch" and have it playing on my TV in the format I want, 5 minutes later. In the 30 minutes we waited around for the movie to start, I could easily have left, gotten a DVD, and been back. And then we get it in letterbox format, and can pause the movie all we want.

Anyways, overall Starsky & Hutch was well worth watching for free.

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