Sunday, August 22, 2004

Movies: Without a Paddle

Linzy, Gerard, Tony, and I went to go see Without a Paddle on Saturday night, along with Dan & Kelli who were in town for the weekend.

We settled on Without a Paddle through a process of elimination of movies other people had already seen. After having seen the previews, I didn't think WaP looked like it deserved any more then a rental. So I went into the movie with low expectations.

That was probably a good thing, because it wasn't a great movie. Oh, it wasn't terrible either; it did have a few funny parts. I probably appreciated the story more since I am probably in the target audience in terms of who it was written for.

The story revolves around 3 friends who are turning 30 and decide to take a trip planned out by a recently deseased mutual friend. All three of the friends are doing different things with their lives, and have underlying concerns over the choices they've made. So the trip becomes sort of a bonding/finding yourself/making peace with your choices kinda thing.

Since it is a comedy, while there is a plot, the 'trip' is largely a mechanism to take the characters from one improbable situation to the next.

Still, if you sit back and enjoy it for what it is (a mostly mindless movie), there are some good chuckles in the early part.

Everyone who went to see it thought it was good, probably liking it more then me. But keep in mind we are all in roughly the target audience. Your milage may vary.

It's worth a rental, probably not a full-priced ticket.

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