Sunday, August 01, 2004

Party Pictures

They said all week it wouldn't rain on Saturday.

(From Left): Gerard, Shawn, Wes, Tony, Felicia, Mike, Jackie. Note that we already have a slightly askew cap on Mike's head, and this was early yet.

(From Left): Mike, Jim, Gerard, Nicky, Dan, Linzy, Tony, Wes

(From Left): Linzy, Vanessa, Dan

(From Left): Dan, Linzy, Tony

The Aftermath:

Food: 16 hamburgers, 12 brats, a whole French Silk pie, a whole Boston Cream Pie, 12 M&M cookies, a veggie tray, 3 bags of chips, a shrimp plate, half the Seven-Layer Salad, and just a bit of Potato Sald

Booze: Two 1.75L Margarita mixes, 1L Bicardi Vanilla, 1L Smirnov Rasberry Vodka, 1L Watermelon Schnapps, ~2 cases of beer, and unknown quantities of miscellaneous booze used for shots.

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