Sunday, August 01, 2004

Party: Success

Well, the party turned out to be a huge success, it was a ton of fun. Hopefully everybody else had a lot of fun too. I'm pretty sure that was the case, since we ended up having 7 people spending the night.

14 people stopped by for some portion of the night: Mike, Joe & Jen, Shawn & Andrea, Nicky, Gerard, Wes, Tony, Vanessa, Jackie, Felicia, Dan, and Jim.

The food amounts that I had worried about earlier turned out to be almost exactly correct. On the other hand, the amount of beverages turned out to be wofeully inadequate. To the point that it was only about 7:00 and I was running out to go pick up some more beer and margarita mix.

In the past, we have way over-estimated what was needed for beverages for the party. If we needed a half a keg, we bought a full keg. If we needed one case of beer, we bought two. Since a few bottles of beer from our last party were still kicking around nearly a full year later, we decided that less is more and we would make do with one case of beer, one bottle of margarita mix, plus whatever else was laying around the house.

With a number of people showing up, sitting down, and almost immediately breaking out the playing cards (which hasn't happened that early in the night for a long time), the beverages started disappearing at an alarming rate. So out I went to get some more. And even then I was able to reign in the urge to over-buy, so we don't even have too much extra laying around.

One of the more frustrating things that happened was that despite the fact that all week the forecasters insisted that Saturday would be "absolutely gorgeous, without a cloud in the sky", by Saturday morning they were revising their forecasts into "isolated thunderstorms". Sure enough, about 5 minutes after I finished putting all the cushions on the deck furniture, I was back out on the deck taking everything off because it looked like rain (and it did rain about 30 seconds after I finished). Nonetheless, the weather held off long enough and was intermittent enough that we were able to enjoy the deck for grilling and a bit of sitting around.

Anyways, it was a lot of fun and I am glad we were able to see everyone. I put pictures up in the previous post.

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