Sunday, August 29, 2004

Renaissance Festival

I've been running about a week behind on all my posts lately, so it is fitting that today I finally get around to writing something about our trip to the Renaissance Festival last weekend.

On Saturday the 21st, we went made our yearly trek to the Renaissance Festival. We went with a pretty good sized group: Gerard, Vanessa, Kendra, Bryan, Thomas, Tony, Mike, Dan & Kelli, and Carl.

Gerard made the executive decision that they were meeting at and leaving from his place at 8am (so as to arrive by 9). That was a bit early for Linzy and I, so we made our way out to Shakopee later, getting there around 10:30 or so.

The festival was lots of fun, as always. We mostly just walked around and checked out the various shops and exhibits. Although the shows are fun, they don't change a whole lot from year-to-year. Its actually a running joke that Puke & Snot haven't changed their show since the first year they were there. Not that it isn't funny (it is), but it hasn't changed much.

I did watch some of the Tortuga Twins while waiting for someone or other to get some food, and it was funny (although pretty much the same as last years).

The only bad thing that happened was that most everyone got sunburnt. It happened to be cold that morning, so no one was thinking sunscreen as we ventured off to the Ren Fest. By mid-morning the sun had come out and it was a gorgeous sunny day. With lots of Sun. Linzy, Dan, Kelli and Thomas got it the worst as they have really fair skin.

One weird thing I saw while we were leaving was a guy in full Stormtrooper gear walking in. Now, I'm as big of a Star Wars fan as the next nerd, but that seemed wierd. Its not like we were at Convergence or something, where lots of people would be dressed up in various Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Anime costumes. This was a Renaissance Festival. Lots of people were dressed up, yes, but they were following a particular theme: Renaissance.

We ended up leaving in the later afternoon, once people started to get uncomfortably sunburnt, and we had seen most everything. That night most of the group met back up to go see Without A Paddle.

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