Thursday, August 12, 2004

Traveling to Chicago

Well, we are off to the Windy City tomorrow morning, to attend my Grandma Eck's 90th birthday party. Her birthday is actually in November, but since she worries about...well...everything these days, she only wanted a party if it was during the summer.

Keeping with the whole Windy City theme, we will be breezing through town. Linzy is working a half-day tomorrow, so we won't leave until around noon on Friday. Then we go to the party on Saturday, and leave early on Sunday morning. It ends up to be an awful lot of driving, but I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

Anyways, Mixed CDs have been burned, clothes have been packed, entertainment procured (in the form of magazines for Linzy and GBA SP games and books for me), and we are all set to go.

No posts till Sunday or more likely, Monday.


Brenden Johnson said...

Pfft, that's nothing for driving. I do Bozeman to Minneapolis and back in a 3 day weekend!

Enjoy the trip and what games are you playing and what books are you reading?--you can't leave out important details like that.

Steve Eck said...

Heh, We aren't down to pull-over and sleep at rest stops, so our driving range in a three day weekend is more limited. :)

As far as books, I am almost finished with The Dark Remains, so I am bringing that as well as the next book in the Last Rune series, The Blood of Mystery. I love reading in the car, but it depends on how much I drive, if I will need the second book.

For games, I am still slogging away on Golden Sun: The Lost Age. I finally got all 4 party members, and "Have Boat", so I can sail around on the ocean now. I'm also bringing Super Mario Kart and Link to the Past, in case I need some more 'action' type games.