Monday, August 02, 2004

Tricked Out Ferraris and Building Spaceships

When Brenden and I lived together, we always jokingly said that we should form our own software company. At the time the thinking was that I could easily do the implementing, I just needed a partner who could be the visionary. In trying to sell this position to Brenden, I pointed out that the visionary could really work from anywhere. Say, on a beach in Tahiti. All he (or she) had to do was come up with good ideas for me to write.

However, it turned out neither of us was all that good at coming up with easily implementable revolutionary ideas. So we would jokingly argue about who was the visionary and thus responsible for the all-important first step of coming up with the idea.

A number of years ago, I pointed out the insane numbers of copies that some of the Final Fantasy games had sold. I had calculated it out to be like 50% of every man, woman and child in Japan had a copy of FFX (I think it was?). Anyways, my visionary idea was that we should write a hit Japanese RPG and become rich game developers ala John Carmack.

Alas, no hit game was made.

I was reminded about all this today when I saw that Doom 3 has an insane amount of pre-orders, somewhere north of 2 million.

Using Best Buy's advertised price of $55, that is roughly $110 million in sales, before the game even hits the shelves.

I sent this comment to Brenden about the pre-orders:

That is why Carmack has tricked-out Ferraris and is building spaceships, while we slave for The Man. I blame you, of course. :)

I haven't heard anything back, I assume it is because he is overwhelmed by the guilt of having missed out on implementing my visionary idea of 'Making a hit video game'.

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