Monday, August 30, 2004

Video Games: Soul Calibur 2

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was playing Soul Calibur 2. I've pretty much finished it, at least as much as I probably will take the time to complete.

I unlocked everything except Lizardman, who you have to beat every mission in Weapon Master mode to unlock. I have about 4 missions left in Weapon Master mode, but they are of the insanely difficult/frustrating variety. For example, in one you have to fight through all the female characters (7) in a row, with no (or very little) health regeneration between fights. And I did that once, but then the 'extra' version of the same mission all the enemies regenerate health the whole time. Which pretty much makes it impossible for somone of my skill level.

It really was quite a fun game, even for someone playing only single-player mode. Until the very-very end, the variety of fights and scenarios was good and kept things fresh. The graphics were good, and the difficulty level scaled nicley through out the game (excepting the 4 or so missions I just haven't been able to beat).

My only complaint would probably be the 'dungeons', which are not really mazes or anything, they are usually just a single path (maybe two) of fights that have to be won in order to reach a 'boss'. Except the boss is just another normal character who you have to fight in the same way as everyone else. So its really just like being forced into 45 minutes of fights with no way to save (and stop) in the middle. And you usually don't get any experience for the intermediate fights, so it is much more time effective to play the one-off missions and skip the dungeons once you have beat them once.

Overall it was a very good game, and the first 'fighting' game that I've enjoyed in a long time.

Now it's on to Knights of the Old Republic.

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