Wednesday, August 04, 2004

WiFi Enabled

My DI-624 wireless router arrived today, so I started working on setting up our future wireless network. I've seen quite a bit of muttering on the Internet about how 'tough' it is to get a wireless network setup. So while I wasn't expecting it to take hours, I was expecting to have to putz with it for a while.

To my pleasant suprise, the setup of the D-Link router and the Microsoft Wireless cards was a cinch. Sure it wasn't the most straight forward thing (especially installing the Microsoft card in the old computer, which insisted that the software be installed before the card), but it wasn't bad. The worst thing turned out to be unhooking the monitor and keyboard, so they could be hooked up to the old computer. Gotta have some way to click through the 'Next' buttons on the install. And something to type in the 128-bit shared-key.

Actually, getting the key configured correctly was about as hardcore as things got. Granted it is a shared secret, and they can't just default it to something, but I wasn't really expecting to have to manually invent a 32 character hexadecimal string.

One thing that turned out to be a good idea was that I entered the key into the router, but didn't actually enable security initially. Then I could connect to it with the new wireless card and just cut and paste the key into the client settings and reboot the router. Wah-la, security.

Or at least what passes as 'security' in the wireless protocols. My favorite wireless security quote is from Bruce Schneier:

The people who designed wireless protocols did a horrible job with security, It's something that's not just insecurity, it's robustly insecure.

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