Thursday, September 30, 2004

Heading to Duluth

My father-in-law called last night and said he wanted to be put vinyl siding on his house this weekend. So tomorrow afternoon we are headed up to chilly Duluth.

I'm not kidding about the chilly Duluth part, the forecast for this weekend (in addition to wind and rain) is highs of around 50 degrees F.

We had one of the nicest Septembers on record this year, in fact it had more days over 80F then any other single month this summer. But alas, the house wasn't ready for siding then.

You may remember a week in July when you felt directionless and out-of-sorts. That was the week I went to Duluth to help rip off the old siding, plywood, and insulation.

This will be the conclusion to the summer-long project of siding my in-laws house. It will be nice for them to finally get siding back on the house.

I'll try to get some pictures.


wleino said...

feel free to give me a call if you would like to go out, since you cannot spend alot of time in my house due to the petting zoo atmosphere.

Steve Eck said...

I was planning on calling you.

I don't think Linzy has seen your house, she would probably enjoy the petting zoo atmosphere. :)

wleino said...

you are more than welcome to visit if you would like. It doesn't look like you'll be doing any outdoor work tonight (if you were planning on it). It has been raing since I woke up this morning and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down.