Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Monster Cable Part 2

[ I posted this last night, but Blogger ate it, apparently ]

Bill pointed out that Monster Cable is paying a hefty sum to rename Candlestick Park "Monster Park".

There were two interesting things I noticed in the article:

First, Monster Cable only has 330 employees. That doesn't seem like very many for a company that sells their products in 12,000 retail stores (including Menard's).

Second, their corporate headquarters is 400,000 square feet. That is an insane 1,212 square feet per employee. What in the world are they doing with the the equivalent of a small house worth of space for each of their employees?!

On the other hand, how many employees does it take to say 'Hey, if we cover this banana plug in gold it probably will sound better'. Or to take $10 speaker cable and slap a $100 price sticker on it.

Regardless, Nolan Lee (Monster Cable founder) is probably pretty dang rich.

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