Monday, September 27, 2004

Monster Trucks and Muscle-Tees

While we were heading to Old Chicago for dinner tonight, Linzy said:

When you get a big lift kit for your truck, are you required to start wearing only muscle-tees?

I was thinking perhaps you wouldn't be starting to wear only muscle-tees.

Regardless, the guy with a monster lift kit and huge fatty tires on his truck was indeed wearing a wife-beater.

So after a very scientific poll, I was forced to answer 'Yes'.


Brenden Johnson said...


wleino said...

Growing up in Ely, where 1 of 3 trucks have a lift kit and "super swamper" tires, I have to say that it isn't a requirement, but it is strongly suggested to wear a wife beater. Other acceptable options are no shirt, any t-shirt with a snowmobile brand logo on the front, or a dickies shirt with a name patch.

Steve Eck said...

Hehe, I laughed out loud at that comment, Bill. I've seen the shirtless option in action, it is quite the look.

wleino said...

this response has to do with your sept 18 post on monster cable entering into the world of soon to be found at Big Dollar.
I think they are doing quite well for themselves having just dropped $6 million to have the stupidest sport venue name of all time affiliated with them.