Wednesday, September 22, 2004

More Crazy Rock Stars

I've posted before about how Metallica seems to have gone a bit crazy in recent years. However, they apparently don't haven't cornered the market on crazy rock star behavior.

I was reading this interview with Dave Mustaine about what he thinks of Metallica. Dave's been bitter for years over getting kicked out of the band years and years ago. For a while it seemed like maybe they were patching things up (there were rumors of a combined tour a while back). But then Metallica released their documentary, complete with the (supposedly) painful scenes of Dave meeting with Lars and having it out over their disagreements.

The story apparently goes that Dave didn't want them to show that part in the movie, but they did anyways. So now he's taken to ripping them in every interview he does.

You'd think that after selling millions of records with his own band he would be 'over' the whole getting fired and jipped out of co-song-writing credit on some songs. But apparently not.

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