Friday, September 10, 2004

Music in alphabetical order

Back when I was a freshman in college my friend and I decided that we should listen to our respective cd collections front-to-back in alphabetical order. Yes, we really did have that much free time on our hands.

You don't realize all the really bad cds you own until you listen to them all in order. Suddenly the 5 Pink Floyd albums that all seemed good when you got them, seem pretty repetitive when you listen to them back-to-back-to-back-to...well, you get the picture. And even worse are all the cds that you used to buy for just a couple of songs.

I did eventually make it through all 30 or so cds that I owned, although by the end there were a few cds that I 'listened to' from a room down the hall (we all lived in the dorms then).

For some reason, when I got to work on Tuesday morning and went to queue up some music to listen to while I programmed, Windows Media Player opened with 'all music' selected. I thought, 'what the heck', and queued the whole thing up.

So, 8 years later, the pain of 3 days straight of nothing but bad cds has dulled enough that I thought this would be a good idea.

Except now, instead of 30 cds, it is just under 263 hours of music (I've converted all my CDs to MP3s, and have a lot more CDs then I did back in college).

Although this seems like a lot, it seemed do-able at work. At home, where there is many, many more hours of music, and fewer hours to listen, it would be impossible. But at work, with the smaller amount of music, I figure it should only take around 2 months.

And actually, thus far it has been a pretty good experience. I've listened to cds I haven't heard in years, and at least at the beginning of the alphabet there seems to be good variety. I've made it through the mp3s with no artist information, and all the way into Audioslave.

The things I've listened to so far included a number of Bach concertos, some Mozart symphonys, random techno/trance songs, 2 311 cds, 50 Cent, 2 AC/DC cds, 4 Aerosmith cds, Alice in Chains, Andrew W.K, and a bunch of Alan Jackson songs that I mistakenly had copied to my laptop from Linzy's music collection. If I can make it through several hours of Alan Jackson, I figure I can make it through anything. :)

We'll see how my tune changes when I'm deep into the 31st hour of Oakenfold.


wleino said...

Your not having ABBA is a godsend.

Steve Eck said...

And I have some Jim Croche, but not much.

Nothing like your double-cd that made everyone all depressed.