Thursday, September 30, 2004

Video Game Prices

Did you see this article on CNN? Basically it is talking about how video game prices for new blockbuster games are expected to rise $5-10 (effectively 10-20% based on $50 selling prices).

Maybe I am just cheap, but $55-60 seems awfully steep for a new game. Especially if that game is only going to have 10 hours of gameplay (like some recent games).

I can't even justify the $50 prices common today. Certainly not when I have somewhere around 30 unplayed games in my stack (I roughly counted). Instead I would rather wait a while and pick up the greatest hits version for $15-20, or game of the year version with 2 included expansion packs for $30, or maybe just wait until it hits the bargain bin and pick it up for $5.

Even though the increased prices won't directly affect me, I'm worried that it will mean increases in the lower end game prices, when I tend to buy them.

In some ways the timing seems odd. Lately I've been seeing a lot more discounted games, and reading a lot of articles on how used games and bargain game sales are exploding. Then you look at something like ESPN NFL 2k5 and how well it sold at the (relatively) cheap price of $20. Why would you pick now to start jacking up prices?

Oh well, I'm certainly stocked up for a while, so there shouldn't be any pressing need to buy brand-new games, regardless of the price point.

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